Coverity Scan: dvolgyes/perceptionmd

Project Name dvolgyes/perceptionmd
Lines of code analyzed 16,636
On Coverity Scan since Aug 31, 2017
Last build analyzed a while ago
Language PHP/Python/Ruby
Repository URL
Homepage URL
License GPL (GNU General Public License version )

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Analysis Metrics

Sep 06, 2017
Last Analyzed
Lines of Code Analyzed
Lines of Code in Selected Components
Defect Density

Defect changes since previous build dated Sep 01, 2017

Newly detected

Defects by status for current build

Total defects

Note: Defect density is measured by the number of defects per 1,000 lines of code.

Analysis Metrics per Components

Component Name Pattern Ignore Line of Code Defect density
RAW files .*raw Yes 0 N/A
DCM files .*dcm Yes 6,922 N/A
png files .*png Yes 0 N/A
compressed xz .*xz Yes 1,937 N/A
compressed gz .*gz Yes 0 N/A
textX language definition file (_tx) .*tx Yes 88 N/A
description files (md) .*md Yes 216 N/A
kivy files .*kv Yes 301 N/A
Perception experiment description files .*pmd Yes 0 N/A
text files .*txt Yes 4,771 N/A
python byte code .*pyc Yes 0 N/A
Other .* No 2,401 0.00

CWE Top 25 defects

No top 25 CWE defects were found.


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